Call out Finals

The Call out Finals provide the opportunity to enter a battle for real. The purpose of the recurring events and youth center and dance instruction activities is to encourage children and teenagers to participate in the finals. The finals are organised so that the beginners can enter the competition together with a professional street dancer.

The Call out Final is a family event and does not have an entrance or participation fee. The duration of the event is 4-6 hours. During the competition intervals young upcoming live artists may perform.

Call out is an authentic street dance event, where also the professional street dancers, who the teenagers have got to know during the year, participate in. These professional dancers support and encourage the development of the young dancers. The threshold for entering the competition is low for the young dancers, since familiar grown up street dancers also are participating.

Call out Finland® strives to organize group travels and support for participating in the finals. The aim is to provide everyone an equal opportunity to take part in our events, regardless of where in Finland you live.

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