SADE what?

Street Art Dance Essentials (SADE org) is a national organization whose aim is to promote and advance street dance in Finland. SADE was established in 2005 and our goal is to represent and act as an umbrella organization for professional and amateur street dancers in Finland. Furthermore SADE org aims to serve as a contact platform in the field of cultural youth work.

SADE org consists of the board of the organization and the work teams of SADE Festival and Call out Finland. SADE’s people are producers, professional dancers and dance pedagogues, and music and business professionals. 

A few words about what we do…

Since the establishment of the organization, the main activity of SADE org has been the yearly international street dance festival. SADE Festival is one of the first recurring street dance events in Finland and has since the beginning been organized ambitiously and professionally. This has made SADE into a strong brand and dancers look forward to the Festival every year.

SADE expanded their operations in the autumn of 2017, when Call out Finland was included in the organization. The merger means improved conditions for the development and continuity of street dance culture and street dance events in Finland. This development work will continue in the future years.

How to join us?

Would you like to be involved in developing the street dance culture in Finland? Join us by becoming a member of SADE org.

After becoming a member, contact us if you would like to get your hands dirty and do voluntary work or propose a collaboration with SADE org.

It is also possible to support us and what we do financially. By doing so, you help us develop the street dance culture in Finland.